New Product Innovation (NPI): California Motors Special Purpose Vehicle and Personal Mobility System Designs for Base Operations, and Non-tactical Settings... (DVD Video)

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Title: New Product Innovation (NPI): California Motors Special Purpose Vehicle and Personal Mobility System Designs for Base Operations, and Non-tactical Settings with Excellent Fuel Economy (DVD Video)
Author(s) / Editor: An In-depth Technical Discussion with a Design Prototyping Engineering Focus with Mike Kasaba, President, and Brian Huff, Powertrain Systems Engineer, California Motors LLC, Camarillo, California, USA. Interviews and Edited by Professor Paul G. Ranky, PhD, NJIT, USA
Description: Level: Aimed at all those interested in new product and process design, customer - focused innovation, and the process of developing a new, winning product, such as a fuel efficient automobile, and a unique personal transportation system for a specific market. Several sections and cases could be ideal for undergraduate and graduate education learning/ exploring related concepts and technology.

Industrial Sponsors/ Contributors include, with special thanks to California Motors LLC, Camarillo, California, USA, CIMware Ltd. UK, CIMware USA, Inc., and others.

Contents: This electronic publication is a professional quality DVD video interview and technical discussion with a design prototyping engineering focus with Mike Kasaba, President, and Brian Huff, Powertrain Systems Engineer, California Motors LLC, Camarillo, California, USA. Interviews and Edited by Professor Paul G. Ranky, PhD, NJIT, USA. The discussion topics include an introduction and some demonstration of New Product Innovation (NPI) methods and customer-focused solutions in the area of modern, fuel-efficient automobile and personal mobility system design.

What you will learn: Having watched the DVD video, you will be able to understand many important aspects of new product and process innovation and marketing in the area of automobile design.

System Requirements: DVD-ROM: NTSC standard definition (SD) DVD video player for TV, or computer. Approximate length 17 minutes, in 16:9 wide screen format, or any good computer screen (min. 800 x 600 resolution).

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