Introduction to Total Quality Management and the International Quality Standards, with Engineering, Management, IT, and Service Cases

(3D eBook on DVD)

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Title: Introduction to Total Quality Management. An Extended Lean Six-sigma Approach. International Quality Standards, with Engineering, Management, IT, and Service Cases. An Analytical, Quantitative, Open-source Computational, 3D Multimedia-based Approach To World-class Quality Product, Process, Resource, and Service System Design. A Browser Readable, Open Source, 3D Interactive Multimedia Case Based Learning Program. Updated for ISO 9001:2015 (3D eBook)
Author(s) / Editor: By Professor Paul G. Ranky, PhD, NJIT, USA
Description: Level: Undergraduate / graduate engineering, IT, quality control, factory design, process control, product/ process/ service engineering, manufacturing systems and industrial engineering and management. Several sections and cases could be ideal for quality marketing, and even for high school students and technicians learning/ exploring product/process/service quality.

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This publication, tested on many undergraduate and graduate students and professionals in the USA and in the UK, is an excellent introduction to Total Quality Management. It discusses the basic methods, tools, technologies, and international standards, with several industrial and research case studies demonstrated by academic and industry experts in 3D.

The over 500 interactive screens include text, over 40 digital videos, several hundred images, and highly interactive 3DVR objects, covering: Introduction to Total Quality Management and Lean Six-sigma methods, tools and technologies; Overview of the latest international, ISO 9001:2008, 9001:2015 and USA Quality Standards; Deming and Baldrige Awards; Total Quality Control; TQM Process Modeling; TQM and Concurrent Engineering; Collaborative, Networked TQM; TQM Customer Requirements Analysis; TQM Risk Analysis; TQM Graphical Methods; Control Charts and Process Improvement Methods; Kaizen, Kanban, JIT, Lean Six-Sigma, and Supply Chain Methods; Networked Six-Sigma for TQM; TQM Network Simulation; Software Quality; TQM in Service Industries; Quality Teamwork; Globalization and Related Quality Implications; Continuous Improvement Opportunities and Solutions; Quality Auditing Following the ISO 9001:2008, 9001:2015 Standard; Case-based learning and marketing methods; Major Review Questions & Problems; References & Further Reading; Case Documentation Guidelines; Useful Spreadsheet Templates for Educators and Students; A Major Glossary of TQM Terms; Customizable, Open-source MS-Excel Tools & Templates to Perform Your Own Calculations.

Optional professional quality, full-screen DVD videos supporting various aspects of total quality are available. For other packaging combinations, and related modules please visit our electronic library at

Author: Paul G. Ranky, PhD, Registered Chartered Professional Engineer, Full Tenured Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, NJIT, New Jersey, USA. IEEE Green Engineering Editor. He is an international expert in integrated product, process and service system design, lean/flexible manufacturing, total quality management, and 3D interactive multimedia. He has published over 300 works in the above fields.

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Sample image (This image illustrates a CMM, Co-ordinate Measuring Machine)

Sample video clip (This short clip illustrates the importance of quality monitoring by means of sensors in a packaging line)

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