Bonaire Experience: Captain Don's Habitat, Klein Bonaire Dive Sites, and Shore Diving (DVD Video & DVD Photo Duo)

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Title: Bonaire Experience: Captain Don's Habitat, Klein Bonaire Dive Sites, and Shore Diving (DVD Video & DVD Photo Duo Pack)
Author(s) / Editor: Written, Directed and Produced by Paul G. Ranky, USA (PADI Certified Rescue Diver and Professional Engineer)
Description: Level: Intriguing for all ages, or anyone who loves the diversity of the tropical ocean; this set showcases the wildlife of the island and waters of Bonaire, in the Dutch Caribbean. Whether on land or sea, the sights and sounds of this tropical haven are certain to enthrall and entertain travelers, divers, snorklers, professionals and students alike. Aimed at everyone who is interested in traveling and learning, exploring and witnessing Mother Earth.

Contents: This electronic publication is a professional quality DVD video and high-resolution Photo (DVD duo pack). On video and in pictures, you’ll witness firsthand a SCUBA diver’s view of the clear, colorful waters of Bonaire. Whilst enjoying nature's natural sounds accompanied by music, you’ll descend and swim through intricate coral reefs and vibrant schools of tropical fish.

Paul Ranky is a PADI certified Rescue Diver and Professional Engineer. He has worked and travelled the globe for over 35 years. Join him in Bonaire, an island in the Netherlands Antilles, in the Caribbean, which also includes Aruba and Curaçao.

Captain Don's Habitat has been a leading site in Bonaire and the island is consistently rated among the top Caribbean diving locations in the world. You'll discover why it is known as 'the home of diving freedom'.

Sites Visited Include:
- Captain Don's Habitat
- Klein Bonaire dive sites in the Rock Pile area

- Shore diving along the marine sanctuary

Duo DVD Package:
First DVD-ROM:
Approx. 34 min.
- NTSC video standard definition (SD) DVD. Widescreen or regular
- Also available in SD PAL DVD video, and streamed digital and Video iPod formats.

Second DVD-ROM: 256 Hi-Res. Images / Photos (JPG).
- Viewable as a computer slide show, or with many TV / DVD slideshow software (slideshow software not included)
- Images up-to 7.2 Mega pixels, high res. screen is recommended, but not necessary

System Requirements: DVD-ROM: NTSC standard definition (SD) DVD video player for TV, or computer. 16:9 widescreen format, or any good computer screen (min. 800 x 600 resolution). Also available in European PAL, as well as for the Video iPod, and later in 2006, when the HD DVD standards are finalized, in HD DVD. Please visit for available formats and further diving and event products.

Customer Feedback:

'Amazing scenery, wildlife, and photos'

'It feels like I'm diving with you...'

'Very high quality'

'Bravo, I have to see it myself!'

'It was a very good idea to see these videos and pictures before we traveled there'

'We were watching your beautiful photos in slide-show-mode with our favorite music during dinner; It was great!'

'I just booked my flight...'

'Your diving videos and pictures were fantastic on our large projected screen'

'Love your music; fantastic match'

'The video and photo DVD duo pack is a great idea! Enjoyed it a lot!'

'Thanks for sharing all this with us'

This product is available in the formats below:

DVD Video SD NTSC & DVD with Hi-res Photos

UPC Code: 632568001979

Sample video clips (320x180 low-res): Clip-1, Clip-2, Clip-3, Clip-4

Sample Photos (in small size): Photo-1, Photo-2, Photo-3, Photo-4, Photo-5, Photo-6, Photo-7, Photo-8, Photo-9, Photo-10, Photo-11, Photo-12, Photo-13

Price: USD $ 37.95 + S&H

DVD Video Hi-Def NTSC

Available as soon as the standard hi-def DVD players are available in the USA

Video iPod Video Streamed

Ext. UPC Code: BonaireHabitat-632568001979-ViPod

Coming soon! You'll need a FAST Cable Modem, or DSL Internet connection!

Sample video clips (in Video iPod resolution & size): Clip-1, Clip-2, Clip-3, Clip-4

Price: USD $ 9.95

DVD Video SD PAL & DVD with Hi-res Photos

UPC Code: 632568001979PAL

Sample video clips (320x180 low-res): Clip-1, Clip-2, Clip-3, Clip-4

Sample Photos (in small size): Photo-1, Photo-2, Photo-3, Photo-4, Photo-5, Photo-6, Photo-7, Photo-8, Photo-9, Photo-10, Photo-11, Photo-12, Photo-13

Price: USD $ 47.95 + S&H

DVD Video Hi-Def PAL

Available as soon as the standard hi-def DVD players are available

3D eBook CD and Hi-Def PAL DVD Video-combo

Available as soon as the standard hi-def DVD players are available

Video iPod Video Shipped on CD-ROM

Ext. UPC Code:

Ext. UPC Code: BonaireHabitat-632568001979-CD-ROM

Price: USD $29.95 + S&H

3D eBook CD and Hi-Def PAL DVD Video-combo

Available as soon as the standard hi-def DVD players are available

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