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3D Multimedia Case Library: A Summary of Key Features...

A novel library of Case-based / Problem-based, Project-based 3D interactive, eBooks for Engineering, Management, IT, and Biomedical Engineering.

Novel Features include the following:

  • Presented by international experts
  • Winner of several national and international awards
  • ASEE (American Society of Engineering Educators) USA National Record Winner, 2003
  • Web-browser readable
  • Open source 3D interactive multimedia with in-depth quality text
  • Full color, high quality images and interactive image maps
  • Interactive diagrams
  • 2D and 3D interactive animations
  • Interactive digital videos
  • 3DVR (3D Virtual Reality) objects
  • 360 degree panoramas and virtual facility / object tours
  • Open-source active code to calculate with your own data
  • Can run in a cross-platform, and Internet / intranet environment
  • Modular, object-oriented design with open-source reusable objects and components
  • Customizable, computer assisted grading and assessment tools are included
  • Educationally priced

Bonus Demo: Enjoy one of our 3DVR objects of an advanced automobile in QuickTime (Size: 5.9 Mbytes, suggest to use DSL, or even better, cable modem, to download it). You'll need Apple's high quality, cross-platform QuickTime Player FREE from: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download to view this 3DVR object. Move the cursor left and right to enjoy the 3D view. Note, that in our Case Library we use a large number of even more interactive 3D objects and active code to explain complex challenges in a much more efficient and enjoyable way than what you can do with traditional printed, static, non-interactive textbooks... this demo is just one of the many hundreds of 3DVR objects we use in our Library...)

Topics Covered include the following:

  • Advanced CAD/CAM, and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering),
  • Advanced Electronic Assembly,
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Assembly Processes,
  • Automotive Design and Manufacturing Challenges,
  • Business Process Improvements,
  • Collaborative Design,
  • Complex Design Problems,
  • Complex Machine Tools and Machining Processes, CNC Programming (3, 5 and more axis),
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Software,
  • Computer Networking and the Internet,
  • Concurrent Engineering,
  • Design for Assembly and Disassembly,
  • Design for Harsh Environments,
  • Digital Factory and Digital Car Modeling,
  • Eco-Design for Environment,
  • eCommerce,
  • Electronic Assembly,
  • Engineering Management,
  • eTransition,
  • Factory Re-engineering,
  • Failure Risk Analysis,
  • Fuel Cell Technology in Cars,
  • Health and Safety,
  • Hi-Tech. Interactive 2D / 3D Virtual Factory Tours in the USA, in Japan and in Europe,
  • Hybrid Cars,
  • Integrated Product and Process Design,
  • Integrated Production Control Systems,
  • Internet Marketing,
  • Lean/ Flexible/ Agile Manufacturing/ Assy. Cells and Systems,
  • Lean system thinking,
  • Object Oriented Software Development,
  • Process modeling,
  • Product development,
  • Product Inspection,
  • Product Testing,
  • Production control, including dynamic scheduling, line balancing, and others,
  • Project Management,
  • Rapid Prototyping,
  • Real-time Automotive Networking,
  • Requirements Analysis,
  • Robotics and applications of robots,
  • Six-sigma quality management and lean thinking,
  • Sensors,
  • Smart Sensors,
  • Space Research and Exploration,
  • Statistical Quality Control methods and tools,
  • Taguchi Design of Experiments methods,
  • Total Quality,
  • TQC (Total Quality Control),
  • TQM (Total Quality Management),
  • Virtual Disassembly and Demanufacturing,
  • Virtual Product Demos,
  • Vision Systems,
  • Visual Programming with UML (Unified Modeling Language by IBM Rational),
  • and many others.

Sponsors and Collaborators. Join our Industry and Academia Sponsored Case Based / Problem Based Learning and / or Marketing Development Consortium, and/ or Users’ Group! Our sponsors include over 30 companies and universities world wide, including IBM, National Instruments, GE Fanuc, Fanuc Robotics, Genrad, Hardinge, Cincinnati Machines, BMW, Bosch, WorldCom, Ford Motor Company, Kistler, Land Rover, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, TRW, OKUMA, Michelin, Daimler Benz, LEAR, GibbsCAM, New Jersey Medical School, the Kessler Institute, FESTO, Everest VIT, Prodrive, Yazaki, Denso, Yamazaki Mazak, GEC Siemens, Nottingham Manufacturing Innovation Centre (UK), NJIT (USA), University of Dallas (USA), University of Michigan (USA), Old Dominion University (USA), University of North Carolina (USA), Nottingham Trent University (UK), Loughborough University (UK), Surrey University (UK), University of Warwick (UK), Technical University of Budapest (Hungary), Berne Institute of Technology (Switzerland), Hong Kong City University (Hong Kong), Ritsumeikan University (Japan), Kobe University (Japan), and many others.

We would like to hereby thank our sponsors, collaborators and enthusiastic readers for supporting this novel development.


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